• Wednesdays are now the best days of the week.
  • My stomach is full of artificial cheese and low grade beef.
  • Jessica is studying for her social problems class.
  • I am sitting in the basement of the student center blogging about nothing. It's very awkward because there are a lot of people around. Like, someone could be reading this from behind me. If you are...stop.
  • The definition of social conflict is when one person benifits at the expense of someone else. For example, the greasers benefited from the broken beer bottles on the ground at the expense of the socs.
  • My new favorite hobby is skipping class and making really bad excuses for missing class. Today's excuse was that I already went to two and the third was just too much. So I went home.
  • Parking is still a nightmare. For Christmas, everyone can give me quarters. If I am lucky, there will be one parking meter available in the whole city of Akron that I can use for an hour at a time.
  • I have decided in the past few weeks that I will not be going to the University of Akron next year. It's official.
  • Iin other news, fall is here and I can wear fall clothes!

Okay, Bye.

A Love Story continued...


To Be Continued...