Things I've Done A Lot Lately

Pomplamoose! I discovered these guys (Jack & Natalie) about a year ago and thought they were boring and not my style at all. But I gave them a second chance and subscribed to them recently because of their "Single Ladies" cover. It's so happy and fun, and I love it. Natalie has a very unique voice and it is hard not to laugh when she is singing "Single Ladies" with a serious face and her style of singing. Jack has a beard (sometimes) and is a musical genius. Their harmonies make me melt. I like his accordion and baby piano. I downloaded all their free MP3s and have been listening to them on repeat for the past month. My day is so much better when they post a new song, like today.
Memoirs of a Geisha. I haven't watched this movie or picked up the book in TOO LONG. Why haven't I watched this movie sooner? It is so good...oh my goodness. I'm having a hard time trying to find words that describe how much I love this movie and all the emotions and memories I have when I watch it. It's so sad, and mysterious, and beautiful. There are a lot of scenes where they show Hatsumomo or Sayuri standing in the rain/on a cliff/walking down the street, and the look on their face just scares the shit out of me. They look dead, or like aliens, or dead aliens.
Knitting. I think I've made about ten hats since August. Barely any of them are wearable because it's been taking me a while to adjust things so they look nice/fit. I also run out of yarn easily. I had a thing of black yarn that was as big as a watermelon seriously. Now the end of it is dangling off of an unfinished hat I started last night. And it will never be done :( But I do have a blue hat and a black scarf that are wearable. Maybe I will make a yellow hat next because that is the only color I have left...
Video games. I haven't played the Sims in a long long long long time. I don't miss it very much (GASP). I have been playing Mario Kart between classes and it's probably a bad idea because I get so stressed out playing it. The worst thing is when you're on the last course, the last lap, and there are five other guys behind you and you can see the finish line, you're almost there...and then that damn blue shell comes flying through the air and blows you up just one second away from the finish line and all the people behind you pass you and finish the race so you now come in eighth place when you should be in first. It gets intense. I also made a character on WoW. Don't judge me...I only play for like ten minutes a day and have no desire to reach some ridiculous level. It was just inevitable that this would happen.

And here is a picture I don't think I've posted anywhere yet because I like having things besides words on here:


  • Wednesdays are now the best days of the week.
  • My stomach is full of artificial cheese and low grade beef.
  • Jessica is studying for her social problems class.
  • I am sitting in the basement of the student center blogging about nothing. It's very awkward because there are a lot of people around. Like, someone could be reading this from behind me. If you are...stop.
  • The definition of social conflict is when one person benifits at the expense of someone else. For example, the greasers benefited from the broken beer bottles on the ground at the expense of the socs.
  • My new favorite hobby is skipping class and making really bad excuses for missing class. Today's excuse was that I already went to two and the third was just too much. So I went home.
  • Parking is still a nightmare. For Christmas, everyone can give me quarters. If I am lucky, there will be one parking meter available in the whole city of Akron that I can use for an hour at a time.
  • I have decided in the past few weeks that I will not be going to the University of Akron next year. It's official.
  • Iin other news, fall is here and I can wear fall clothes!

Okay, Bye.

A Love Story continued...


To Be Continued...


Flattering Pictures Of My Friends:
Jess in mid sentence. (RIP Awesome Sunglasses)
Sarah and Max looking cute and Dan doing what he does best.
Hayley at a weird angle and too much flash goin on.
So I was going to take a shower, but my nose started bleeding so now I’m going to blog.

I don’t know what happened, but unfortunately, these three pictures were the only ones that weren’t black on the first roll I shot. There are also two thai gourmet pictures that worked really well but I'll add those later. I’m very disappointed and I don’t know what I did wrong. Oh well, I guess I’m just experimenting. Hopefully I won't screw up the next two rolls. I also bought a frame to put them in which added to the disappointment of receiving like 30 black negatives.

A Love Story.

| be continued...

Social Networking Memories

Creating this blog is taking me back to the old xanga craze back in sixth grade. Back in those days all anyone posted was drama drama drama. Oh and “(Insert name here) sooo stole my icons!”But what else would you expect from 12 year old girls? How fun would it be to go back and read all my xanga posts from middle school? I recall complaining a lot and wanting attention. But anyway.

I also brushed up on my html skills from when I would change my myspace layout all the time. (And when I say skills, I mean the smallest amount of skill possible.)Oh myspace, when if you weren’t in someone’s “top eight,” you were unimportant. And if you moved from spot one to spot two, you didn’t speak to that person for a week.

But I have graduated to facebook, which miraculously cures boredom even when nothing is happening. The other day I noticed I hadn’t changed my status in a while and saw that facebook had erased it! How rude! I decided that I have nothing to say to the 201 friends that I have because I don’t like or know at least 80% of those so called friends. I get excited when I see new event invites until I see it’s from someone who clearly invited their entire list of friends. NO. I DO NOT want to go to your graduation party person I’ve never talked to.

I like twitter because it feels more intimate. Besides texting, it’s a way to keep close friends updated on what I’m doing, even if they could care less what I dreamt the last night, and it’s a way to get in contact. So I’ve been finding myself blocking acquaintances from HS who supposedly want to know what I have to say. Sorry. Twitter is going to be exclusive. (OH and twitter is also good for following @ddlovato.)

Well this post wasn’t even supposed to be this long. I just needed something to fill the big empty space. And I wanted to have an account to follow hayleyghoover, Sebastian, and Jess.