Social Networking Memories

Creating this blog is taking me back to the old xanga craze back in sixth grade. Back in those days all anyone posted was drama drama drama. Oh and “(Insert name here) sooo stole my icons!”But what else would you expect from 12 year old girls? How fun would it be to go back and read all my xanga posts from middle school? I recall complaining a lot and wanting attention. But anyway.

I also brushed up on my html skills from when I would change my myspace layout all the time. (And when I say skills, I mean the smallest amount of skill possible.)Oh myspace, when if you weren’t in someone’s “top eight,” you were unimportant. And if you moved from spot one to spot two, you didn’t speak to that person for a week.

But I have graduated to facebook, which miraculously cures boredom even when nothing is happening. The other day I noticed I hadn’t changed my status in a while and saw that facebook had erased it! How rude! I decided that I have nothing to say to the 201 friends that I have because I don’t like or know at least 80% of those so called friends. I get excited when I see new event invites until I see it’s from someone who clearly invited their entire list of friends. NO. I DO NOT want to go to your graduation party person I’ve never talked to.

I like twitter because it feels more intimate. Besides texting, it’s a way to keep close friends updated on what I’m doing, even if they could care less what I dreamt the last night, and it’s a way to get in contact. So I’ve been finding myself blocking acquaintances from HS who supposedly want to know what I have to say. Sorry. Twitter is going to be exclusive. (OH and twitter is also good for following @ddlovato.)

Well this post wasn’t even supposed to be this long. I just needed something to fill the big empty space. And I wanted to have an account to follow hayleyghoover, Sebastian, and Jess.


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Sebastian said...

Hey! I'm one Facebook friend away from 700. That, like, that's not good.

And twitter is great. I once heard it explained, "You know when you think of something stupid and want to text it, but can't think of who to text it to? That's what twitter for." I think that's the perfect way to see it. You kind of just broadcast who you are.

And I'm glad you got one of these! It's the new Pokémon; you're one of the cool kids now.

Nokorola said...

Xanga is super-cool on a bun.

So... yeah.

jessmcfadden said...

I miss you!!

Lauren said...