Beck’s website is the best thing that has ever happened to me* and I visit it almost every day. My favorite part of the site is Planned Obsolescence. It’s basically a bunch of songs played next to eachother that last about 20 to 30 minutes.

This tumblr post by Why They’re Hot explains EVERYTHING perfectly that I could not explain myself…

1. His hair. Holy shit. Like golden locks of sunlight and his kid has the same beautiful golden curls as well.
2. His music. He’s a fucking amazing songwriter-no one writes badass lyrics like Beck does. He wrote one of the saddest love songs ever-and his work is so prolific. Holy shit, did he just go from rock to metal to soul to country to folk to punk to rap to funk and back to rock again? You bet your ass he did. And he pulls it all off too-although there’s some more we’d like to see him pull off in the future…
3. His eyes. Take a good look. Can you even imagine those big blue eyes staring straight into your soul as he fucks you? Just thinking about it makes you want to tear your clothes off.
4. His voice. His vocal range goes from deliciously low to ridiculously high-all of it totally orgasmic. Mournful and grunge-y or soft and melodic, it all makes you want him in your pants.
5. The last reason? The whole package. Cute as hell, kind of nerdy, yet sexy as fuck. He’s almost too good to be true. Take a good last look at this man. Here, here, here, here, and here. That’s right - you just witnessed Beck motherfucking Hansen.

*okay, I might be exaggerating. (see what I did there, Jess?)

This Is How Lauren Studies For Art History:

I don’t think I have ever studied this hard. Or I just don’t remember it. I was given a study guide yesterday for an exam TOMORROW. So I’ve been studying all day long on my day off. The only food I’ve consumed is half a bog of conversation hearts (THANKS JESSGURRRLL) and some Dr. Pepper. Since I find unusual joy in making flashcards, I spent a good two hours making these. Forty four images, forty four artists, and forty four dates must be memorized by TONIGHT! I think I’m a visual learner so all of these are color coordinated by time period/chapter. One side has the image, and the other has the name, date, and artist. I actually need to know plenty more information, but that would take way too long to study and I’m betting I can just make up the rest!
My strategy going into this was to make groups of ten cards or so and memorize group by group. This seemed to work very well. So I line them up by date order and go through the line over and over and over and over and over until they are all memorized. This is working quite well. I just hope I still know it all by morning :/

When I was memorizing all this stuff, I was also thinking about my future. Why do I need to know “The Birth of the Virgin” by Lorenzetti was made in 1342, or Donatello’s “David” which was made in 1460? It just seems so useless. I mean, I don’t know why I am in college just yet so I’m just going with the flow. I don’t know why I need to take Art Survey I yet, but who knows, it could be useful someday, right? If not, knowing all these facts makes me feel pretty extraordinary! I also hope that I won’t be wasting any more time next year taking classes that feel useless.

2/22 PS. I got the exam back today and got a B-. Not bad considering the circumstances. Next time I’ll do the same thing.


Today was a little better. I still don't have a bed, I still feel awkward in my own house because of the guests and I still can't get this weekend back, but it's over now and hopefully this coming week will be another adventure.

This is Penelope/Penny. She likes to dance to The Cardigans and Ke$ha in my webcam.

I’m Just Gonna Complain Now, Okay?

Some of my family is staying here for the weekend and I’m stuck here in the house. I’m all alone and Penny is asleep upstairs in my room. Mikey is blocked from going upstairs and waking her up so he keeps pacing this room and crying. I also don’t have a place to sleep as of right now. So while my whole family is off doing fun things, I get to sit here all by myself with this crazy dog. People always just expect that I have nothing else better to do. I want to sleep in my bed.

Eye Shadow.

Makeup is so much fun. I feel sorry for boys because it is socially unacceptable for them to wear eye shadow. I’ve had so much fun the past couple of days just putting on eyeshadow. It makes the day go from “UGH I have to go to schooool” to “UGH I have to go to schooool....but I’m gonna look good!”

I think it was around August I bought a ridiculous amount of very nice eyeshadow for about $20. This was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time, but I never appreciated it until now. This thing contains the prettiest colors I’ve ever seen in my life! And with a little help from Michelle Phan, I kindof know how to use it now. (When I say kindof, I mean not really at all but it seems to work pretty well despite that…)
So since I’ve re-fallen in love with this eye shadow palette, I’ve been making every day a different theme according to colors. This would be the shirt I wear, the earrings and rings, the eye shadow, and of course it has to match purple boots. So far these are my favorite:
Neon Yellow + Bright Purple
Dark Green + Bright Purple
Dark Green + Hot Pink
Saturday was pretty fun because I think I wore every beautiful color imaginable combined.
Today is Hot Pink + Hot Pink + Hot Pink.
And black goes with everythaang. Loves it.

So the moral of the story is that if you wear nice bright colors and create a style for yourself every day so you feel somewhat pretty, it is a lot easier to get through the day at the school you chose to go to because you’re an idiot. Seriously regretting that decision.

While I believe my taste in style is going up, my taste in music is definitely going DOWN. I’ve been obsessed with making playlists including artists that are severely overplayed on Kiss FM. My latest mix includes:
3- Britany Spears
Party in the USA & Time of Our Lives- Miley Cyrus
Battlefield- Jordan Sparks
Lots of Ke$ha
Lots of Demi Lovato
And much more…
Without the bright colors, shower dance parties, and Wednesdays in my life right now I would probably be a mess. Life feels good right now.

This is how I want every day to feel.

Michigan Accomplished

Detroit was scary, cold, and FUN. Here is just a taste of it from the fisheye and camera phone.



There is still a roll from the fisheye that has some Detroit on it that I haven’t finished yet…And from this adventure I realized that that dumb camera is pretty much useless when used inside. The flash is pointless. I’m so glad we did this!