Beck’s website is the best thing that has ever happened to me* and I visit it almost every day. My favorite part of the site is Planned Obsolescence. It’s basically a bunch of songs played next to eachother that last about 20 to 30 minutes.

This tumblr post by Why They’re Hot explains EVERYTHING perfectly that I could not explain myself…

1. His hair. Holy shit. Like golden locks of sunlight and his kid has the same beautiful golden curls as well.
2. His music. He’s a fucking amazing songwriter-no one writes badass lyrics like Beck does. He wrote one of the saddest love songs ever-and his work is so prolific. Holy shit, did he just go from rock to metal to soul to country to folk to punk to rap to funk and back to rock again? You bet your ass he did. And he pulls it all off too-although there’s some more we’d like to see him pull off in the future…
3. His eyes. Take a good look. Can you even imagine those big blue eyes staring straight into your soul as he fucks you? Just thinking about it makes you want to tear your clothes off.
4. His voice. His vocal range goes from deliciously low to ridiculously high-all of it totally orgasmic. Mournful and grunge-y or soft and melodic, it all makes you want him in your pants.
5. The last reason? The whole package. Cute as hell, kind of nerdy, yet sexy as fuck. He’s almost too good to be true. Take a good last look at this man. Here, here, here, here, and here. That’s right - you just witnessed Beck motherfucking Hansen.

*okay, I might be exaggerating. (see what I did there, Jess?)

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