Five Things

Five Things:

1. Sunny Delight. 100% Vitamin C!
2. My new way of determining if something is right or wrong.
3. Shaving. Yeah I know it’s weird. I enjoy it though.
4. This will be my first repeat in this blog ever, but wearing tights and shorts with boots. My most comfortable outfit and today was perfect for it.
5. I think I’ll regret this later, but my sister. Since I never see her, we get along so well. I can relate to her hating high school right now and what she’s going through with her friends.

Day 17:

Five Things

Five Things:
1. Hair dye parties.
2. Taco Bell (which I ate TWICE today).
3. The Bright Eyes video for “First Day of My Life.”
4. Fisheye pictures.
5. Um, I don’t know, white things.
Day 16: Ugh, starting to hate this game. Either “Better Place Better Time” or “Tell Her this”

Five Things

Five Things:
1. Scheduling for classes at KENT*
2. Studying for art history.
3. Jessica McFadden.
4. Hayley Hoover.
5. Sebastian Shepherd.

Day 15: You know all my secrets as of Friday apparently.

*Ok, so here is my schedule so far. It is likely to change though. I might need to drop drawing if I can change my major in time to get into other classes before they’re full.

Media Power & Culture 9:15-10:30
Drawing I 11-1:45
American Politics 5:30-6:45

US History Formative 11-12:15
Geography 12:30-1:45
Geography Lab on Tuesdays 2:15-3:55
No Friday classes!

Five Things

Five Things:
1. Getting accepted to college.
2. Meatloaf. The food.
3. Getting A’s on difficult research papers.
4. When your parents go grocery shopping.
5. Teacup Pigs!

Day 14: Janson’s History of Art. I would have kept them, but I need the money.

Five Things

Five Things:
1. Homemade goldfish crackers that I can’t stop eating despite my awful stomach ache.
2. Applying for a job.
3. Thinking about a hopefully bright future.
4. Westbound Train.
5. Driving to Kent in the rain. (with Jess!)

Day 13: A Fictional Book: All About Rome by Richard Neverborn.

Five Things

Five Things (Friday):
1. Sam’s rice.
2. Sitting on the kitchen floor talking with Sam, Erik, and Jess.
3. No pants week.
4. Freaks and Geeks.
5. Now 9.
Day 11:

Day 12:

Five Things

Five Things (Thursday):

1. Sir Duke- Stevie Wonder.
2. Beck’s cover of New Sensation- INXS.
3. Our new bathtub! I haven’t taken a bath in YEARS. I felt like a kid taking a bath today. So nice.
4. Our new shower! The bathroom is so nice. I took a shower and a bath today! (Sorry Earth Day…)
5. Skipping school! Take that Rome! I skipped you!

Day 10: I’m supposed to post a picture of me 10 years ago today. But that requires finding one.

Five ThingsssssSSS

Okay, making this quick. I need a break from writing! I know it’s Thursday technically, but I’m going to pretend it’s Wednesday.

Five Things (Wednesday):
1. Wednesday Friendsday.
2. How we just really CLICK.
3. The names Truffles and Bonbon for baby pigs.
4. Getting things done in the middle of the night. So much easier…
5. Watch out for my body rolls, high kicks high kicks…
Day 9:

Five (Very Specific) Things

Five (Very Specific) Things:
1. Sleeping with things next to my head. Specifically school related items. I don’t quite understand this myself, but I think it makes me feel like I’m being productive, which is just a joke.
2. My outfit today in great detail. Bright pink earrings, bright pink lipstick, lots of eyeliner (no shadow), gray tank top with neon yellow sweater, jean mini skirt that would not pass the grandpa test, gray tights and purple boots. I’m probably wearing most of this tomorrow too.
3. When you get to write an essay, and you like writing it and you don’t want to stop. You never get to choose your own topic and I was about to painfully write 7 pages on people magazine…but instead I’m writing about vodka advertisements from the 70’s and today. I’m not bored yet!
4. While watching Glee, the moment you can immediately tell what the whole entire plot of the show is going to be. I wonder what song they are going to sing on the Madonna episode where they stress how everyone’s a virgin…?
5. When Casey buys chipotle, she always gets a burrito bowl and never finishes it so I get to. Every time.

Day 8:

Five Things

Five Things:
1. When you are definitely a hot mess, but you feel fantastic at the same time..? You know?
2. Snuggies.
3. Tights. I think they are why I’m so comfortable today.
4. Naps on really boring beautiful days.
Day 7:

Five Things (This Weekend)

Five Things (Friday):
1. Amelie
2. Studying on my bed while it’s raining, with the window open*
3. Thunderstorms and wind chimes.
4. Red lipstick.
5. The Cuyahoga river.
Day 4: East of Eden.

Five Things (Saturday):
1. Doing things in the shower which should not be done in the shower. (ie: eating, drinking, texting…)
2. Swinging. There’s so much more to it apparently…
3. Eggplant dip and pita bread.
4. Seeing my best friend for the first time in a million years with my other best friend.
5. The Lala Land Machine.
Day 5: Sans toi, les émotions d'aujourd'hui ne seraient que la peau morte des émotions d'autrefois.

Five Things (Sunday):
1. Ke$ha’s black light outfit on SNL last night**
2. Wearing shorts with leggings and boots.
3. “Waking up” at noon.
4. All nighters with Fragonard.
Day 6:



Five Things

Five Things:

1. New color combination: gold and dark teal.
2. Harmonizing to “Hey Soul Sister” by Train.
3. Playing “Waterfalls” by TLC and “Last Leaf” by Ok Go on the broken ukulele.
4. Borrowing Casey’s clothes.
5. Reading about Fragonard.

Day 3: Freaks & Geeks / My So Called Life.

Miss you Gwen...

Five Things

Five Things:
1. Glee.
2. Randy!
3. Chris!
4. L.H.O.O.Q.
5. Being able to find all my Fragonard books at the library! I know how to use it now!

Day 2: The Fifth Element.

Five Things...Good and Bad...

Five Things:
1. Marc Johns.
2. Really dramatic/emo tumblr posts.
Okay. These next three are going be bad because nothing else was good today and there are a lot of things on my mind.
3. I’m never going to be accepted to Kent at this rate and now I owe them $35 which I don’t have.
4. I need a job. BADLY. So I can have a future.
5. I have many papers due next week and it’s the 2nd to last week of school. I also have jury duty next week. Someone shoot me now please. Jury duty mean I can't go to class...

I found a list of questions (a survey) and you’re supposed to answer one every day so I’m going to answer them on here, but I won’t put the question. You could probably guess most of them anyway.

Day 1: Don’t Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith

Didi: Stu, what are you doing?
Stu: Making chocolate pudding.
Didi: It’s four o’clock in the morning! Why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?
Stu: Because I’ve lost control of my life.

Five Things

Five Things:
1. Purple blouse with black skinny jeans and flip flops.
2. Having Sebastian as my French partner.
3. Cinnamon raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese.
4. Lifetime movies.
5. My husband.

Lots of Things

Five Things (Friday):
1. BFF’s making me delicious sandwiches.
2. Blitz Blue nail polish.
3. Don’t Want To Miss A Thing- Aerosmith.
4. Pizza from downstairs. And the pizza guys.
5. Vodka.

Five Things (Saturday):
1. Coraline.
2. Egg salad and stir-fry.
3. Showers.
4. Incoherent walks at night.
5. Vodka.

Five Things (Today/Sunday):
1. Hangover milkshakes.
2. This.
3. This.
4. This.
5. And this.

Five Things (Today and Yesterday)

Five Things (From Today):
1. Dog yawns.
2. All my lomography photos, good and bad.
3. Texts from Alisa!
4. Driving.
5. Clarissa Explains It All.

It was difficult to come up with five today. I’ve realized it’s always easier to come up with five things I hate. So the goal of this blog is going to be to try and reverse that. It should be easy to come up with five favorite things every day. I’m sure tomorrow will be better.

Five Things (From Yesterday):
2. Middle nicknames. Not “Crunchy” necessarily…
3. Blue Tostitos chips and sweet onion salsa.
4. Naked mango juice.
5. Akron’s perfect dress weather compared to Kent’s awful dress weather.

Five Things

Five Things:
1. White nail polish.
2. The people in my French class.
3. McDonalds Sweet Tea (which isn’t a dollar btw).
4. Getting a parking spot at the edge of the parking deck between two empty cars with the windows down.
5. East of Eden- John Steinbeck.

Today's Five Things

Five Things:
1. 5AM study party thunder storms.
2. My bedroom nap utopia.* Such good naps today.
3. Fresh, raw, uncooked, real food. Made some good stuff today.
4. The mix tape game.
5. Knowing you got every single question right on a tough exam.
It was kindof tough to come up with five today :/

If there was going to be a list of things I hated today it would look like this:
After a while of studying I remembered that this class is completely unecessay and I was just going to settle with a D. So I’m going to stop studying before last night happens all over again.


Ten Things From Today.

Five Things:
1. Life changing secret adventures.
2. Driving with the windows down and the heat on.
3. Ska is dead.
4. Black eyeshadow at the Easter Sunday church service.
5. Kent State in the middle of the night.

Now here are five things I hated about today because earlier it was much easier to think of them than the ones listed above:
1. Gossipy female relatives.
2. Art History note cards.
3. Romanticism and specifically Delacroix.
4. Algae and fish poop.
5. Riding in cars with parents.

Its currently 3am and I’m pulling an all-nighter. I make bad decisions and tonight has been a radical combination of really good ones and really bad ones.

Five Favorite Things (today and yesterday)

Five Favorite Things TODAY:

1. Waking up to Sam’s butt.
2. Cuddling.
3. Cat den pancakes.
4. The fan in front of the broken window.
5. Probably the spaghetti I’m about to eat and the shower I’m going to take.

Five Favorite Things YESTERDAY:

1. Rebellion.
2. Vodka.
3. Alisa.
4. Gumballs.
5. Fries. (Capital F.)

Five Favorite Things Today

1. Pink lipstick.
2. Jess’ Tim Armstrong CD.
3. This tired feeling that makes it hard to breathe.
4. Smirky shades.
5. Really big v-necks.

6. The sun paired with #3