Five Things (This Weekend)

Five Things (Friday):
1. Amelie
2. Studying on my bed while it’s raining, with the window open*
3. Thunderstorms and wind chimes.
4. Red lipstick.
5. The Cuyahoga river.
Day 4: East of Eden.

Five Things (Saturday):
1. Doing things in the shower which should not be done in the shower. (ie: eating, drinking, texting…)
2. Swinging. There’s so much more to it apparently…
3. Eggplant dip and pita bread.
4. Seeing my best friend for the first time in a million years with my other best friend.
5. The Lala Land Machine.
Day 5: Sans toi, les émotions d'aujourd'hui ne seraient que la peau morte des émotions d'autrefois.

Five Things (Sunday):
1. Ke$ha’s black light outfit on SNL last night**
2. Wearing shorts with leggings and boots.
3. “Waking up” at noon.
4. All nighters with Fragonard.
Day 6:



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