Five Things

Five Things:
1. Hair dye parties.
2. Taco Bell (which I ate TWICE today).
3. The Bright Eyes video for “First Day of My Life.”
4. Fisheye pictures.
5. Um, I don’t know, white things.
Day 16: Ugh, starting to hate this game. Either “Better Place Better Time” or “Tell Her this”

2 Tell Me Things!:

jessmcfadden said...

1. The sky
2. Hair dye parties!!
3. Jar-o-Mallow, Taco Bell, etc.
4. Warm feet with open windows!
5. The smell of that Fabreeze is really growing on me...

<3 <3

jessmcfadden said...

Actually, I would probably change 5 to big life questions/answers!