Five (Very Specific) Things

Five (Very Specific) Things:
1. Sleeping with things next to my head. Specifically school related items. I don’t quite understand this myself, but I think it makes me feel like I’m being productive, which is just a joke.
2. My outfit today in great detail. Bright pink earrings, bright pink lipstick, lots of eyeliner (no shadow), gray tank top with neon yellow sweater, jean mini skirt that would not pass the grandpa test, gray tights and purple boots. I’m probably wearing most of this tomorrow too.
3. When you get to write an essay, and you like writing it and you don’t want to stop. You never get to choose your own topic and I was about to painfully write 7 pages on people magazine…but instead I’m writing about vodka advertisements from the 70’s and today. I’m not bored yet!
4. While watching Glee, the moment you can immediately tell what the whole entire plot of the show is going to be. I wonder what song they are going to sing on the Madonna episode where they stress how everyone’s a virgin…?
5. When Casey buys chipotle, she always gets a burrito bowl and never finishes it so I get to. Every time.

Day 8:

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jessmcfadden said...

:) :)

1. Wednesday
2. Mos Def
3. Apple Jacks, and everything else we ate!
4. YouTube
5. Our clothes