I Love Penguins.

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Today I went to the zoo! The best day to go is on the cold rainy days because NO ONE IS THERE. Sure all the animals are soggy and cold, but they are still there and I think they like the company.
I also had the best taco bell that I can remember.

So this job thing is getting weird. I called the lady and left her a voicemail saying I was not interested in a photography internship, but I was still available for the student assistant job that I applied for. That was Friday morning, and I still haven’t heard back from her. I’m getting nervous. I just don’t want to have to go look for another job, especially since this one sounds so perfect for my situation.

I Don't Want To Sleep!!!

Blogging while bored makes for boring blogs but so what!!!

Every day around 7 o’clock is when the boredom hits. I wish there was something to do.

Today I:
-Woke up around 3AM and read 13 TWEETS. So much fun. That should happen every morning. I then woke up again at 8 and read 3 more. Best morning ever for reading the tweets. I love my friends and I love reading what they do in the middle of the night.

-Every morning I watch hulu stuff while still lying in bed. So of course I watched Conan’s last show as host of The Tonight Show. It was beautiful. The best show ever. It was perfect. Will Farrell and Tom Hanks were lovely, and Neil Young was old and amazing. BUT WAIT. GUESS WHO ELSE WAS THERE. BECK. I’m such a loser, I almost cried when I saw Beck there. He was barely part of the show. He just stood there and played his guitar without saying a word, but I could not take my eyes off of him. If Beck was not such a musical genius I would not be attracted to him whatsoever, but that is not the case and I find him very alluring.

You see, I don’t find this “scarecrow chic” thing attractive, but because it’s Beck, I REALLY DO.
-Then I took a shower.

- I was playing the drums like a little girl and then my phone rang. I danced to Ke$ha (more on her later) for a few seconds and picked up the phone. It was Hayley, and we then went to the e-check place and Panera.

- Then I went home and ate some more.

- Then I took another shower. I am so bored, that I always take more than one shower a day.

-I then spent an hour dedicated to Ke$ha time and did some research. On Itunes, she has a celebrity playlist which persuaded me even more to try and be this girl. She mentions that “Single Ladies” is the best pop song of all time and she wrote a Miley Cyrus song that I love. I came to the conclusion that she is a very professional artist. Yes she is crazy and psycho, but she cares a lot about the music she makes and she has good ideas and lots of passion.

- While looking like a nasty wet thing, Casey decided to bring ALL of her friends over to keep me company in the living room. I proceeded to gush over Ke$ha and they had to listen.

-I listened to “Tell Her This”. And cried. Such a beautiful song. I remember listening to this song one night about 70 times in a row. Lame I know.

- I watched a lot of Teen Mom.

- Now it’s 11:32 and I’m surprised I’m still awake. I feel left out when I go to bed early, I don’t know why. But there is no point staying up when there’s nothing to do but refresh twitter over and over again.

- I feel like talking right now, but oh well.



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I’ve never been this bored in my whole life, except for yesterday maybe. (Minus watching Good Burger with Jess.) This morning I woke up at 8:50!!! I really liked going to bed at 2ish and waking up at 11ish. I really miss that. I do what I do every morning when I wake up and grabbed my phone to check what was tweeted in the middle of the night. I would have tweeted what I dreamt, but I did not remember. Then I continued to lay in bed for 2 more hours and watch hulu stuff, check facebook, read blogs, blah blah blah. I then got my ass out of bed around 11 and made breakfast for Casey and i. My favorite thing to do is make lots of bacon, lots of hash browns, and put it in a huge pile on a pan and then dump eggs and cheese on it. Then you just get a big delicious pile of breakfast. MMM. I pretty much stayed in my room for the rest of the day. Hulu added 9 episodes of Intervention to my queue and I think I watched every single one of them. If not, I’m going to later tonight for sure. Such a boring day.

Tomorrow I’m going to visit this lady about getting a job at Akron. I’m 90% sure I’ve got this in the bag, but I don’t know if it will be the best choice hours/pay wise. We’ll see. Busy day tomorrow. I have a lot to think about.

And my clothes haven’t arrived yet :(

So Many Things!

When I only had a dollar in my bank account, I didn’t need to buy anything and I didn’t have to buy anything. Now that I have a lot of money in my bank account, I want so many things!
-Katamari Damacy (check)
-Film/get film developed
-Headphones! Funny, I didn’t need them two days ago and now I do…
-Blank CD’s. I’ve recently discovered that mix CD’s are absolutely essential.
-A place to live with my friends <3
Since we’re on the topic of buying things, I had a gift card for Forever21 for $35 and I got so many good things! Two v-necks, a sweatshirt, three flower rings, and three pairs of flower earrings. I’m so excited to get them. I have a lot of mail coming my way. Mail is so much fun. It’s like Christmas. You get to open up something fun and it is so much fun that you forget that you had to pay for it!

Katamari Damacy. It is so weird guys. It’s in English, but I still don’t understand it. I think the narration was translated from Japanese or some other language because most of it just doesn’t make sense! Basically you have to replace a bunch of stars in the cosmos by rolling around this ball thing called a Katamari and it picks up stuff that you roll over. You start off small and pick up small things like paperclips. Then you get really big and can pick up houses and people. Then you put it in the sky. The music is the best part hands down. It is so much fun! I would recommend this game just for the music!

I’ve also started classes since my last post. I only have four classes and 14 credit hours but it seems like it’s going to be really hard.
English is great so far. The grad student teacher is really cool, we’re in a computer lab, everyone is cool, and I sit next to Ke$ha. I swear. We’re going to be best friends. Today we talked about Helen Keller the whole class. I mean we talked about important language things, but we also debated whether she was faking it or not.

Archeology of Rome is weird. I don’t even know what we’re supposed to be learning…art? Maybe? The lady is cool, but there are so many papers and presentations. And I’m sure I’m the youngest person in there, the only one who isn’t an archeology major, and the only one who doesn’t have to be there. But I’ll do it. I’m not going to quit.
Art history will be tough. Again, lots of papers and we can’t use the internet. I wish I had my old professor back. This guy seems really serious about it, while my old professor was very laid back, relaxed, and the class was pretty easy if you studied. Ugh this seems hard though.
And finally French. I look forward to this class. Not buying the book which costs $200 and I can’t find it anywhere. My professor is really helpful and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it someday, but right now I can’t seem to remember anything unless I’m reading it off the page. Also, everyone in that class is very friendly.

I agree with you, Jessica. Wednesday is the best and happiest day of the week. Thanks for making every week the best guys <3
Alright, I’m off to apply to college.

Food. It's Complicated.

Blah Blah Blah, think you’ll be getting this? Na Na Na, Not in the back of my Car ar ar, if you keep talkin’ that blah blah blah…

Oh Ke$ha. If you’re songs weren’t so catchy and fun to dance to and if your style wasn’t so amazing, you’re lyrics would be driving me insane. I’m currently jamming to “Tik Tok”, “Blah Blah Blah (featuring 3oh!3…gag)”, and my favorite “Your Love Is My Drug”. Jess, you should download that last one.

I just finished watching the documentary “Food Inc.” which is obviously made to unveil what goes on behind the scenes in food production. This is what I got from it.

-Everything is a lie.
-A handful of companies control EVERYTHING from what every farmer does to the laws that pass or don’t pass about food safety.
-Corn is bad. And there is a crap load of it. Seriously, there was a mountain of corn. I want to go to that mountain of corn.
-A lady’s son died from eating a hamburger. Pretty tragic stuff but she said something that made me think she was a bitch.
-You might think that you’re buying a product that is organic that some happy family grew in their backyard, but it is probably owned by Pepsi.
-It is cheap to buy McDonalds and it is expensive to buy carrots.
-I’ve always wanted to be a factory worker and now I know that I don’t want to be a food factory worker. Unless it is in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. No chickens there.
-And finally everything is unsafe, deceitful, and unhealthy for humans, animals and the planet. You should probably just grow everything you eat in your backyard.

This food movie did not really persuade me to change my eating habits. I don’t eat meat much anyway and I have very little control of what my parents buy as well so it doesn’t matter. It basically persuaded me to never become a farmer or meat factory worker. Now there was a movie made a while back called “Fast Food Nation” that is not a documentary but it’s a movie looking at the fast food industry from the perspectives of a college student who protests it, a teen working at McDonalds, a CEO for some fast food company, and illegal immigrants who work in the slaughterhouses. The whole movie is more tragic than gross with very disturbing images of what the immigrants have to go through. Then the last ten minutes is a very graphic step by step process of how the cow turns into packaged beef. It makes me sad thinking about this movie.

I told all of this to Mikey but he wasn’t comprehending. He never listens to me!

Lauren Is Tired.

I'm tired of Facebook. I'm trained to check this dumb thing multiple times every day and I hate it. I really love it when I see something my friends posted but not when it's bombarded by everyone else's crap. Fan pages are becoming ridiculous. I swear there is a fan page created for everything possible. I hate getting event/group invites for dumb things. I get really excited that I'm being invited to something cool and fun and then when I see I've been invited to "I droPped my phooOone in the toillletttt OH my Gawdddd..." my dreams are crushed. I hate statuses. Whenever I want to update my status with something, I just think "No, no one will care, I could just post that on twitter." Then I do. And only good people see it.
I'm tired of money. I have $150 for books (which will buy...a book), $35 for forever21, $35 for a fish store, some borders and panera money, and a $5 visa card. I need a job. But my stomach just churns at the thought of getting one. Because of my last job, I have nightmares of selling things, crazy moms, and retail. I like to think that the situation I was in was not how jobs are supposed to be, and that it will be different, but that is really all I know. I have wonderful dreams about having money in my bank account and it seems so easy and so hard at the same time. Jobs scare me and I can't live without one much longer. I quit Penneys in March 2009, and If I don't have a job by that time 2010, I'll feel like a failure.
I'm tired of living at home. I'm good at not spending money when I REALLY want something. If I ever get a job, I want to use the money for living in a dorm, or maybe getting a small place to share with someone/some people. I told my mom the other day I didn't want to be living here by this time next year. She didn't believe me. She wants me to live here forever.
Here's a picture: