Lauren Is Tired.

I'm tired of Facebook. I'm trained to check this dumb thing multiple times every day and I hate it. I really love it when I see something my friends posted but not when it's bombarded by everyone else's crap. Fan pages are becoming ridiculous. I swear there is a fan page created for everything possible. I hate getting event/group invites for dumb things. I get really excited that I'm being invited to something cool and fun and then when I see I've been invited to "I droPped my phooOone in the toillletttt OH my Gawdddd..." my dreams are crushed. I hate statuses. Whenever I want to update my status with something, I just think "No, no one will care, I could just post that on twitter." Then I do. And only good people see it.
I'm tired of money. I have $150 for books (which will buy...a book), $35 for forever21, $35 for a fish store, some borders and panera money, and a $5 visa card. I need a job. But my stomach just churns at the thought of getting one. Because of my last job, I have nightmares of selling things, crazy moms, and retail. I like to think that the situation I was in was not how jobs are supposed to be, and that it will be different, but that is really all I know. I have wonderful dreams about having money in my bank account and it seems so easy and so hard at the same time. Jobs scare me and I can't live without one much longer. I quit Penneys in March 2009, and If I don't have a job by that time 2010, I'll feel like a failure.
I'm tired of living at home. I'm good at not spending money when I REALLY want something. If I ever get a job, I want to use the money for living in a dorm, or maybe getting a small place to share with someone/some people. I told my mom the other day I didn't want to be living here by this time next year. She didn't believe me. She wants me to live here forever.
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