I Don't Want To Sleep!!!

Blogging while bored makes for boring blogs but so what!!!

Every day around 7 o’clock is when the boredom hits. I wish there was something to do.

Today I:
-Woke up around 3AM and read 13 TWEETS. So much fun. That should happen every morning. I then woke up again at 8 and read 3 more. Best morning ever for reading the tweets. I love my friends and I love reading what they do in the middle of the night.

-Every morning I watch hulu stuff while still lying in bed. So of course I watched Conan’s last show as host of The Tonight Show. It was beautiful. The best show ever. It was perfect. Will Farrell and Tom Hanks were lovely, and Neil Young was old and amazing. BUT WAIT. GUESS WHO ELSE WAS THERE. BECK. I’m such a loser, I almost cried when I saw Beck there. He was barely part of the show. He just stood there and played his guitar without saying a word, but I could not take my eyes off of him. If Beck was not such a musical genius I would not be attracted to him whatsoever, but that is not the case and I find him very alluring.

You see, I don’t find this “scarecrow chic” thing attractive, but because it’s Beck, I REALLY DO.
-Then I took a shower.

- I was playing the drums like a little girl and then my phone rang. I danced to Ke$ha (more on her later) for a few seconds and picked up the phone. It was Hayley, and we then went to the e-check place and Panera.

- Then I went home and ate some more.

- Then I took another shower. I am so bored, that I always take more than one shower a day.

-I then spent an hour dedicated to Ke$ha time and did some research. On Itunes, she has a celebrity playlist which persuaded me even more to try and be this girl. She mentions that “Single Ladies” is the best pop song of all time and she wrote a Miley Cyrus song that I love. I came to the conclusion that she is a very professional artist. Yes she is crazy and psycho, but she cares a lot about the music she makes and she has good ideas and lots of passion.

- While looking like a nasty wet thing, Casey decided to bring ALL of her friends over to keep me company in the living room. I proceeded to gush over Ke$ha and they had to listen.

-I listened to “Tell Her This”. And cried. Such a beautiful song. I remember listening to this song one night about 70 times in a row. Lame I know.

- I watched a lot of Teen Mom.

- Now it’s 11:32 and I’m surprised I’m still awake. I feel left out when I go to bed early, I don’t know why. But there is no point staying up when there’s nothing to do but refresh twitter over and over again.

- I feel like talking right now, but oh well.


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