So Many Things!

When I only had a dollar in my bank account, I didn’t need to buy anything and I didn’t have to buy anything. Now that I have a lot of money in my bank account, I want so many things!
-Katamari Damacy (check)
-Film/get film developed
-Headphones! Funny, I didn’t need them two days ago and now I do…
-Blank CD’s. I’ve recently discovered that mix CD’s are absolutely essential.
-A place to live with my friends <3
Since we’re on the topic of buying things, I had a gift card for Forever21 for $35 and I got so many good things! Two v-necks, a sweatshirt, three flower rings, and three pairs of flower earrings. I’m so excited to get them. I have a lot of mail coming my way. Mail is so much fun. It’s like Christmas. You get to open up something fun and it is so much fun that you forget that you had to pay for it!

Katamari Damacy. It is so weird guys. It’s in English, but I still don’t understand it. I think the narration was translated from Japanese or some other language because most of it just doesn’t make sense! Basically you have to replace a bunch of stars in the cosmos by rolling around this ball thing called a Katamari and it picks up stuff that you roll over. You start off small and pick up small things like paperclips. Then you get really big and can pick up houses and people. Then you put it in the sky. The music is the best part hands down. It is so much fun! I would recommend this game just for the music!

I’ve also started classes since my last post. I only have four classes and 14 credit hours but it seems like it’s going to be really hard.
English is great so far. The grad student teacher is really cool, we’re in a computer lab, everyone is cool, and I sit next to Ke$ha. I swear. We’re going to be best friends. Today we talked about Helen Keller the whole class. I mean we talked about important language things, but we also debated whether she was faking it or not.

Archeology of Rome is weird. I don’t even know what we’re supposed to be learning…art? Maybe? The lady is cool, but there are so many papers and presentations. And I’m sure I’m the youngest person in there, the only one who isn’t an archeology major, and the only one who doesn’t have to be there. But I’ll do it. I’m not going to quit.
Art history will be tough. Again, lots of papers and we can’t use the internet. I wish I had my old professor back. This guy seems really serious about it, while my old professor was very laid back, relaxed, and the class was pretty easy if you studied. Ugh this seems hard though.
And finally French. I look forward to this class. Not buying the book which costs $200 and I can’t find it anywhere. My professor is really helpful and I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it someday, but right now I can’t seem to remember anything unless I’m reading it off the page. Also, everyone in that class is very friendly.

I agree with you, Jessica. Wednesday is the best and happiest day of the week. Thanks for making every week the best guys <3
Alright, I’m off to apply to college.

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