Five Things

Five Things:
1. The color of tea. This tea was “A magical blend of hibiscus, lemongrass, rose hips, mango & passion fruit” and it was hot pink.
2. My Egypt by Charles Demuth...1927. It reminds me of Jess’ favorite building and I like how he fragmented the image to resemble a cubism painting. Precisionism! I’m going to ace this test.
3. Napping. But I never liked or was able to nap before this week.
4. Moles. My favorites include the one on my finger, the one on my foot, and the one on my lower lower lower back.
5. Cooking. In the past hour I made Jess some delicious “thank you” food, and I’m currently baking cookies.
Day 20: Studying.

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jessmcfadden said...

You are seriously the bomb!!!!!