Five Things

Five Things:
1. Having surprise 20 minute long morning phone conversations.
2. Westbound Train (another repeat). I’m having a hard time finding words to describe how much their music means to me right now.
3. Making a really big Katamari so the game just stops before the timer runs out because you’ve rolled up everything.
4. When my grandma gives me secret $20 bills.
5. This girl’s voice:
Day 23:

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jessmcfadden said...

<3 <3 So good! And this is one of my favorite covers evurrr. Was it on your mix tape?

1. Cutest little kids I have ever seen!
2. Free omelets (even though I never eat omelets)
3. Melatonin
4. Droopy sweat pants and other comfy things
5. Cell phones!